Ikea’s Very Humble Banner Ads Assume You Clicked Them by Mistake

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IKEA’s recent Swedish campaign, “Where life happens”, includes refreshingly honest depictions of family life, including a very memorable ad about divorce and an angsty teenage daughter. The campaign has been inspired by how people live in the real world. Now, the retailer is bringing that more realistic approach to banner advertising, too.

IKEA cites research suggesting that over 60% of clicks are accidental.

“Who doesn’t click these things 24/7 by mistake? No one. If you’re inspired by people’s everyday lives, you need to acknowledge that, even in banners,” says agency creative director Magnus Jakobsson.

The IKEA-branded banners that pop-up will greet consumers with messages such as “Really, are you sure?” and “Oh, did you tap by mistake? That happens” rather than taking people somewhere they didn’t want to go.

“When your business idea is to make people’s everyday lives a little better, you wouldn’t like to annoy them unknowingly. But mobile banner ads do! With these perceptive banners, IKEA found a way to acknowledge that” adds copywriter Mark Ardelius.

Linking this with the IKEA “Where life happens” message is a smart move that might just get consumers smiling about the brand. It’s certainly an interesting approach to banners, but it’s unknown if this will help move more product.
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