Twitter is putting online bullies in “time-out.” As one of the company’s many new anti-abuse measures, users whose accounts have been identified engaging in abusive behavior will have the reach of their tweets temporarily restricted. During this time, the abuser’s tweets will only be shown to their followers, Twitter says. Twitter recently updates its website…Continue Reading “Twitter is Punishing Abusive Users by Putting Them in Time-Out”

Bud Light just revived its most controversial mascot of all time: Spuds MacKenzie The beer brand debuted a commercial starring the ghost of Spuds MacKenzie during the Super Bowl. In the ad, Spuds takes on a Christmas Carol-esque role, encouraging an anti-social young man to spend more time with his friends. The pooch first waddled onto the…Continue Reading “Bud Light just revived its most controversial mascot of all time”

IKEA’s recent Swedish campaign, “Where life happens”, includes refreshingly honest depictions of family life, including a very memorable ad about divorce and an angsty teenage daughter. The campaign has been inspired by how people live in the real world. Now, the retailer is bringing that more realistic approach to banner advertising, too. IKEA cites research…Continue Reading “Ikea’s Very Humble Banner Ads Assume You Clicked Them by Mistake”