Google Now Shows Recipe Options on Mobile Food Searches

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Google has updated its search engine to display suggestions for recipes when users search for types of food.

Google has made good use of its “knowledge graph” in the past few years, helping users find better results for their searches straight from search itself. In this case, you’ll see a carousel of cards at the top of the display with recipe suggestions, and when you click on those cards, you’ll be taken to the recipe itself.
Google also added some filters to those recipe results — right below the search bar are additional suggestions you can use to refine your results. Searching for “fried chicken” gave me the option to add “oven-fried,” “buttermilk,” and “southern fried” filters to narrow down the recipes. You can also tap “view all” to move out of the standard search page and see bigger, more detailed recipe cards that show a picture and quick preview of the recipe.

This view isn’t yet live on the standard desktop version of Google search. That’ll probably change sooner or later, but Google’s focus is squarely on mobile, so mobile platforms get features like this first.

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