The Girl Scouts are buffing their image, and they want you to know there’s more to them than just cookies. As the respected organization is about to celebrate its 105th anniversary, membership numbers are slipping, especially among middle-school girls. To counter any perception that scouting is out of date, the Girl Scouts are introducing a…Continue Reading “More Than Cookie Sellers: The Girl Scouts Buff Their Image”

New Restaurant Concept Has Robots on Staff The basement level of Shanghai Tower, the city’s tallest building, is now home to Pizza Hut’s new high-tech concept restaurant called ph+. Working the host stand is a two-and-a-half foot tall, bow-tie’d ‘bot named Casper. He greets customers, leads them to their table, and rolls across the floor…Continue Reading “Pizza Hut Shanghai Staffed by World’s Cutest Robot”

Disappointing ratings have sparked debate about whether football is overexposed in prime-time The National Football League recently dismissed speculation that it is considering reducing its commitment to Thursday Night Football in the wake of disappointing ratings this season. “We are fully committed to ‪Thursday Night Football and any reports to the contrary are unfounded,” says Natalie Ravitz,…Continue Reading “Is the NFL Canceling Thursday Night Football?”