Privacy watchdog says data sharing scheme is ‘an infringement of national data protection law.’ A German privacy watchdog has ordered Facebook to stop collecting user data from its messenger app WhatsApp and to delete all data that has already been forwarded to it. This privacy pushback comes as WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook for…Continue Reading “Facebook Ordered to Stop Collecting WhatsApp User Data in Germany”

How Brands Can Respond to Myths about Millennial Consumers Millennials might be the most stereotyped generation of all. But the truth is, America’s largest generation is more varied than most people believe. Recent research has been proving that the wide age span in this group (18-34) created marked buying differences between the younger and older…Continue Reading “Three Stereotypes to Avoid when Marketing to Millennials”

Mid-Roll Commercial Breaks Are Becoming More Common in Digital Videos Social media platforms are trying to figure out whether mid-roll video ads, just like TV commercials, could be more accepted. This comes as publishers are showing more interest in introducing traditional-style TV breaks to digital. Pre-roll has been shown to be a widely loathed format,…Continue Reading “We Interrupt This Stream: Mid-Roll Video Ads Are Taking Off”