Unprofessional advertising agencies lack the proper education of the industry, do not stay abreast of the latest advances in the field, worry more about awards than serving the needs of their clients, and focus on making the maximum profit for their firm at their clients’ expense.

Unreputable media people are less interested in understanding their customers’ goals and more interested in filling their “inventory”. Whether it’s TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, or the Internet, these reps will only sell you for their specific medium, regardless if it is right for you. Often, these reps are under orders from management to unload excess ad space, so they pressure their customers to buy them, regardless if it’s a good match or if doing so truly serves their clients’ needs.

We hope this article will dispel some of the common myths about advertising, and empower you with enough solid information to enable you to make intelligent advertising decisions on your own, or aid you in choosing the right advertising company to help your business

#1: Advertising works only for some businesses
Advertising can work for practically any business as long as it’s properly implemented. In its most basic form, advertising is a way to motivate a person to take action. What business doesn’t need or want that? Unfortunately, due to the abundance of ineffective advertising companies and terrible advice from media sales representatives, many companies experience failed ad campaigns, and come to the conclusion that advertising just won’t work for them. Be careful not to fall into that mindset. Advertising dollars spent in the right place with the right message will yield a positive return on your investment and bring customers to you.

#2: Advertising is only needed when business is slow
Imagine your business is booming. You have more customers than you can handle. It’s tempting to think you don’t need to advertise. But, the economy- and your market- can change rapidly and without notice. To keep your business strong, you need to be able to replace any lost customers quickly. So, it’s smart to continue to advertise even during busy periods to help ensure sustainability. Be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to advertising.

#3: Cheap advertising works just as well as expensive advertising
Is cheaper better? It would be nice if it worked that way. However, cutting costs by reducing advertising exposure usually backfires. Why? Inexpensively produced ads often have a poor design or production value. This lack of quality can reflect negatively on your company, damage its reputation, and hurt its chance for growth. Also, while cheap media placements sound good, they’re usually just a waste of your money. Generally, if the ad placement is inexpensive, fewer people will see it and your ad purchase will end up being a waste of money. Find out ahead of time who will really have a chance to see your ad.

Don’t believe in the myths peddled by those trying to sell you a shoe that doesn’t fit. A cheaply placed advertisement is as likely to be seen by your potential customers as a wandering unicorn!

#4: Advertising costs too much
Some small companies solely focus on what they have to pay for developing and placing their ads, and forget about the sales those ads will bring in. Good advertising makes you much more money than what you spent on it. Simply put, most companies can’t afford to skimp on promoting their business because advertising is what drives their sales. By learning the truths about these myths, you gain the understanding you need to maximize your advertising dollar, and you can quickly discover the value that effective advertising represents.

#5: Cutting back on advertising saves money
While it’s true that a business can save on costs in the short term by reducing advertising, but this also means there will be less money coming in the long term. Depending on the length of your sales cycle, you may find that out sooner than later, and be in for a nasty surprise. After all, how do you expect your business to grow without reminding potential customers of the valuable services or products you offer? Reducing your advertising budget to save money is a short-term solution that leads to longer-term headaches.

Don't be fooled by the next 5 myths!

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